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French Lesson Downsizing Workplace

Learn Business French quickly – Get the FULL audiobook here or just the e-book here. Chapter 30 is a reality check – French Lesson Downsizing Workplace. It’s a scary subject that you may have to deal with in your career as a manager. Being able to talk about investors and downsizing will help a lot read […]

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French Lesson on Deadlines

French Lesson on Deadlines

French Lesson on Deadlines is chapter 20 of this Free French Lesson Series – it can be combined with the Hands Free Business french audiobook for even faster learning here Deadlines are important to know and communicating them are too! here you can learn just that. “the closing date”: « la date limite » Example

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French Lesson Supply Chain

French Lesson Supply Chain

This next French Lesson Supply Chain is a useful one if you want to master learning Business French fast and for free. Make sure you listen along as you read. We hope you enjoy! While I am thinking of it, I must also recommend a brilliant French Chef I know called Gina. She will help

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Basic Conjugation

French Lesson Ask Directions

French Lesson Ask Directions is a undersally useful French Lesson for free, and we hope you will enjoy this approach. The best way to get learning faster is to listen to the accompanying audio here for USA or here for UK “a factory”: « une usine » French Lesson Ask Directions Example sentence “There is a factory

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French Lesson Provide Updates

French Lesson Provide Updates is chapter 10 in the free French Lessons Course for Business. Have a look at the sudiobook opton also, by visiting here Updating work on figures and how to express that in a sentence. “the figures”: “les chiffres” Example sentence French Lesson Provide Updates “The figures are bad this quarter, again.”

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French Lesson Customer Data GDPR

French Lesson Customer Data GDPR is Chapter 51 from this free French Lesson for Business Course. It is also available as a fully supported audiobook designed to talk you through ALL of the lessons on this website – all of them in full! Check out the audio HERE Some sentences on customer data GDPR as

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French Lesson Vocabulary

French Lesson Vocabulary is Chapter 49 and part of this free online French lesson Course for Business French Vocabulary in a French Lesson – Where do you even start? “a campaign”: « une campagne »  “The advertising campaign was very successful this year.” « La campagne de publicité a été un franc succès cette année. » “advertising”: « la publicité » 

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