how to learn business french

Business French Approved Suppliers

Learn Business French quickly – Get the FULL audiobook here or just the e-book here. Chapter 41 from the book “Hands Free Business french” is a helpful lesson on Business French Approved Suppliers. In this lesson we explore how to use the French Verb Demander and the verb Deposer. This is a really useful chapter which […]

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French Lesson Sales Product

Learn Business French quickly – Get the FULL audiobook here or just the e-book here. French Lesson Sales Product is in chapter 34 of Hands Free Business French Lessons and is another useful one – we hope you enjoy this. “successful”: « être un succès » Example sentence for French Lesson Sales Product  “Look at the sales figures, what

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French Lesson You’ve finished!

Alright! So, this brings us to the end of this business French audiobook. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and learned some valuable and useful phrases, anecdotes and effective ways of communicating in a French environment. It’s a big challenge to learn so many items, so the best results are to be gained by re-listening

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French Lesson False Friends

French Lesson False Friends is Chapter 74 in the free French Lessons for Business course. You can also get the audiobook to support your learning if you visit HERE which will allow you torapidly accllerate your learning, understanding and pronunciation of each of these lessons here on this website. Whther you are a french student

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French Lesson Vocabulary Grammar

French Lesson Vocabulary Grammar is in Chapter 71 of this free French course online. The best part, once you have decided to learn French online, is you ablity to access so many free resources to assist you. Thats why we have decided to create the vast library of lessons for you to accelerate your journey

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French Lesson Communicating Instructions

French Lesson Communicating Instructions is Chapter 60 in the free French Course ont his website. It is also available in full clear supporting audiobook format at this link HERE and we would strongly encourage you to have a listen. The fast learning style of combining audio with the free French lessons here will give you

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Basic Conjugation

Basic Conjugation French Lesson with Nouns

Basic Conjugation with French Lesson Nouns is Chapter 52 in the free French Lessons designed for Hands Free Business French. The aim of this program is to get you confident in your French conversation with Colleagues as fast as possible. Its best when combined with several types of learning, so make sure you are watching

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French Lesson Vocabulary for Industry

Chapter 25   “a concern”: « un sujet de préoccupation » “The June sales drop is a matter of great concern.” « La baisse des ventes en juin est un sujet important de préoccupation. » [Note: You can also say « La baisse des ventes en juin est un sujet de grande préoccupation. »] “a sales drop”: « une baisse des ventes »  Remember

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French Lesson Confident Conversations

French Lesson Confident Conversations – Here are some more helpful phrases to use, that will get you feeling more confident in conversations. Chapter 6 is part of the Free French lessons on this website, and also features in the full french audiobook HERE Here it is “to drop”: « baisser » “Sales dropped in Q1.” « Les ventes

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French Lesson Introducing Yourself

French Lesson Introducing Yourself is Chapter 3 in the free French Lessons for buidlling confidence in conversation with your French work colleagues. Be sure to check out the full audiobook version also, to rapidly improve your skills and confidence. Its available HERE So, we’re going to see some basic conversation starters that are really useful,

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