how to improve confidence in french conversation

French Lesson Conversation

French Lesson Conversation is in Chapter 67 from the Hands Free Business French Lessons Audiobook which is a fabulous tool to help you learn faster. “a workshop”: « un atelier »   “Workshops are extremely efficient to get group tasks done.” « Les ateliers sont extrêmement efficaces pour mener à bien les tâches collectives. »  Conversation in French is a […]

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French Lesson Discussing Fault

French Lesson Discussing Fault

French Lesson Discussing Fault is Chapter 23 in this free French Lesson Course for Business French. Thi is a complex and nuances lesson for discussing the varying degrees of fault or blame in different ways. Please check out the full audiobook HERE to learn even faster “a fault”: « une faute » “It’s my fault we’re late.”

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