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French Lesson Sales Product

Learn Business French quickly – Get the FULL audiobook here or just the e-book here. French Lesson Sales Product is in chapter 34 of Hands Free Business French Lessons and is another useful one – we hope you enjoy this. “successful”: « être un succès » Example sentence for French Lesson Sales Product  “Look at the sales figures, what […]

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French Lesson The Depot

chapter 15 is French Lesson The Depot – just one of many useful phrases that its worth learning and practicing to improve your Business French. Using work terminology like ‘the depot’ is important know, so here is how to say it. “the depot”: « l’entrepôt » Example sentence “The depot is where final products are stored.” «

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French Lesson You’ve finished!

Alright! So, this brings us to the end of this business French audiobook. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and learned some valuable and useful phrases, anecdotes and effective ways of communicating in a French environment. It’s a big challenge to learn so many items, so the best results are to be gained by re-listening

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French Lesson Discuss Issues.

French Lesson Discuss Issues is Chapter 58 in the course of French lessons for free and we hope you enjoy it! This is best studied if you listen along with the full audiobook at the same time. It is available here French Lesson How to discuss internal issues you might have in the work place.

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French Verb Conjugate Envoyer

French Verb Conjugate Envoyer is Chapter 4 of this free French Lesson Course for improving your confidence in French Conversations with Business Colleagues. Please also take a look at the full audiobook to accompany these French Lessons HERE This chapter will show you how to use some business vocabulary in your conversations. How to Conjugate

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