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French Lesson Work Absence

French Lesson Work Absence

French Lesson Work Absence is Chapter 73 in the Free French Lessons website, pluys it appears in full audiobook glory in Hands Free Business French to help you learn even faster – plus you will get to practice your pronunication like a native French speaker. Please have a listen here a day off— un jour […]

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French Lesson Salary Wages

French Lesson Salary Wages is Chapter 68 of the Hands Free Business French audiobook and is set out on this page to fast track your learning. Keep going you are doing really well! this chapter has some key words you’ll use a lot. How to Discuss Salary and Wages as Part of a French Lesson

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French Lesson Confident Conversations

French Lesson Confident Conversations – Here are some more helpful phrases to use, that will get you feeling more confident in conversations. Chapter 6 is part of the Free French lessons on this website, and also features in the full french audiobook HERE Here it is “to drop”: « baisser » “Sales dropped in Q1.” « Les ventes

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