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French Lesson Sayings Metaphors

French Lesson Sayings Metaphors is Chapter 79 and one of my personal favourites. In this website you can enjoy as you learn free French lessons for Bsuiness – and be sure to also checkout the audiobook acoominying it here French Sayings and metaphors to use in the work place. “word of mouth”: « le bouche à oreille »  […]

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French Lesson Conversation

French Lesson Conversation is in Chapter 67 from the Hands Free Business French Lessons Audiobook which is a fabulous tool to help you learn faster. “a workshop”: « un atelier »   “Workshops are extremely efficient to get group tasks done.” « Les ateliers sont extrêmement efficaces pour mener à bien les tâches collectives. »  Conversation in French is a

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French Lesson Business Vocabulary

French Lesson Business Vocabulary is Chapter 38 of Hands Free Business French Course desinged to improve your confidence in French conversation with Business colleagues. Then for maximumimpact and speed, make sure you also lookat the full audiobook version of these French lessons HERE “the research”: « la recherche » “Our research suggests that each salesman could promote

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