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French Lesson Asking Prices

French Lesson Asking Prices is Chapter 62 from the audiobook Hands Free Business French. It is reproduced below for you in full as a free French Lesson for Business, and we hope you will enjoy the learning experience. Please do have a listen to the audiobook HERE and learn even faster Asking Prices with confidence […]

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French Lesson Job Requirements

French Lesson Job Requirements

French Lesson Job Requirements is Chapter 56 of this free French Course for Business French. Please be sure to check out the full audiobook accompaniment to these lessons here In this French lesson you can read how to express job requirements to your employees. “Applying to this job requires you to fill out a very

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French Lesson Discuss Availability

French Lesson Discuss Availability is Chapter 55 in your Free French Lessons for Business, and also features as a full audio lesson the Audible production of Hands Free Business French, which you can listen to here for Audiobook French Lessons US and also here for UK – we hope you enjoy the full audiobook experience

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French Lesson Pronouns

French Lesson Pronouns is Chapter 5 from the free French Lessons on this site “an increase”: « une augmentation » “I ask the director for an increase in the marketing budget.” « Je demande au directeur une augmentation du budget marketing. » “I ask”: « je demande » « je demande » is the first person of « DEMANDER »: “TO ASK”.  It ends with

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