French Lesson You’ve finished!

Alright! So, this brings us to the end of this business French audiobook.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and learned some valuable and useful phrases, anecdotes and effective ways of communicating in a French environment. It’s a big challenge to learn so many items, so the best results are to be gained by re-listening to the audiobook several times. 

For rapid progress, use the audio book on repeat in your spare time, on the train or bus or when walking, on a daily basis. Repetition is key, and it really helps this material to become second nature. 

Download for free the PDF written version of the audiobook. It is more comprehensive and includes many useful language tables. 

If you feel like the audiobook was a bit too advanced, and you need a refresher on French basics, check out my beginner audiobooks. 

Again, if you find yourself in a tight spot and need urgent business translations, it would be my honor to give you expert, natural and contextually sound translations tailored to your specific industry and needs. 

I love hearing from my listeners. Please let me know if you used any of the phrases you learned here in this audiobook.

If you’d like other areas covered send me your suggestions, and I might cover them.