French Lesson Vocabulary Grammar

French Lesson Vocabulary Grammar is in Chapter 71 of this free French course online. The best part, once you have decided to learn French online, is you ablity to access so many free resources to assist you. Thats why we have decided to create the vast library of lessons for you to accelerate your journey to learning Business French.

But there is one thing you can do without, and it is having the accompanying audiobook to really hear the pronunication and style in which the French words are spoken. We would strongly encourage you to check out the full supporting audio for all these lessons HERE

Vocabulary and Grammar in your French Lesson is vital

Being able to advise your team is very important too so here are some sentences to practice.

“At this rate, the company will go bankrupt within a year.”

“bankrupt”: « en faillite »  

« A ce rythme, l’entreprise fera faillite dans l’année. »

“at this rate”: « à ce rythme »

Be careful, there is a pronunciation trap here « rythme » doesn’t sound like “rhythm”.

“th” sounds like « t » in French – “rhythm”/« rythme ».

“will go”: this is the future of “TO GO”.

« fera faillite » this is the future of « FAIRE » and not “TO GO”.

Conjugate The Verb Faire ( to do) in the Future Tense

Let’s conjugate « faire »in the future:

FAIRE (TO DO): future

Je ferai: I will do

Tu feras: You will do

Il/Elle fera: She will do

Nous ferons: We will do

Vous ferez: You will do

Ils/Elles feront: They will do

“the company will go”: « l’entreprise fera »

“to go bankrupt”: « faire faillite »

“within”: « en »/« dans »

“within a year”: « dans l’année »

This is a set phrase here.

“a year” is « un an »/« une année ».

“within a year” is translated as a set phrase, « dans l’année ».

Be careful here, “a” is an indefinite article but « l’ » is a definite article. 

It’s one set phrase against another – “within a year”: « dans l’année ».

Here is the full sentence again:

“At this rate, the company will go bankrupt within a year.”

« A ce rythme, l’entreprise fera faillite dans l’année. »

Now as you can see, this is quite a list of French Phrases an grammar to master. We would urge you to have a listen to the accompanying audiobook HERE and also to check out some more grammar rlated lessons like this one here