French Lesson Mistakes Responsibilities

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French Lesson Mistakes Responsibilities is chapter 27 of the book Hands Free business French.

Expressing responsibilities and mistakes is important here’s how to say a common phrase.

  1. “responsible”: « responsable » 

Example sentence French Lesson Mistakes Responsibilities

“Adults will be responsible for their mistakes.” 

« Les adultes seront responsables de leurs erreurs. »


  • “an adult”: « un adulte »

It’s transparent, it’s the same word, because it comes from Latin.

  • “a mistake”: « une erreur »
  • “responsible for”:  « responsable de »

Remember, « responsable » is an adjective and as such, you need to match its gender and number with those of the noun.

« Les adultes » is masculine plural, « responsables » need to be masculine plural, so with an extra “s” at the end.

Quick tip: “accountable”

How do you translate that? There is no literal translation. “To be accountable” would be « devoir rendre des comptes ». So literally, “having to give an account of”, like in English. It comes from counting or accounting, as in being responsible for the books or the numbers.

French Grammar point: Futur simple (simple future)

The « futur simple » is the real, long term future. In English it would be “will be”, as in “adults will be responsible”: « les adultes seront responsables ». 

So we’ve seen the short term future. Now let’s see the real future. It’s a longer term future, built like a standard tense. So you’ve got the regular verbs of the three groups and irregular verbs.

Let’s see a regular verb, « PARLER ».

It’s a first group verb, so the ending is « -ER ». So future is a bit different, you keep the ending (« -ER » in this case) because the mark of the future is the –r; and after t, you add the endings of the future.

So « PARLER »:

PARLER – TO SPEAK (future)

Je parle-r-ai I will speak
Tu parle-r-as You will speak
Il/Elle parle-r-a He/She will speak
Nous parle-r-ons We will speak
Vous parle-r-ez You will speak
Ils/Elles parle-r-ont They will speak

Now let’s see an irregular verb, the one in the example “TO BE”: (“will be” in the future).

So let’s conjugate « ETRE »:

Conjugate ETRE – TO BE (future)

Je se-r-ai I will be
Tu se-r-as You will be
Il/Elle se-r-a He/She will be
Nous se-r-ons We will be
Vous se-r-ez You will be
Ils/Elles se-r-ont They will be

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