French Lesson Logical Connectives

French Lesson Logical Connectives is Chapter 50 from the Hands Free Business French audiobook HERE

“In order to raise capital, a startup needs to be convincing.”

“the capital”: « le capital »

« Afin de lever du capital, une start-up a besoin d’être convaincante. »

“in order to”: «afin de »

Logical Connectives – In order To – Afin De in this French Lesson

This is a logical connective, a word that is used to link two sentences or two clauses together. 

It’s very useful to structure your speech or your emails. Please refer to the standard chapter on logical connectives to know more.

“a startup”: « une start-up »

This is again a borrowed word but you need to be careful with the French pronunciation. The English language needs to be conservative with borrowed words, you don’t really change them, but the French does, especially the pronunciation. 

So let’s hear the difference again: “a startup”: « une start-up ». 

The “r” is very guttural, it starts from your throat. And the last syllable is stressed.  

“need”: « avoir besoin de »

“need” is a semi-modal verb, it behaves like a modal verb like “must” or “can”. 

So here we use « avoir besoin de ». We paraphrase because we don’t have such a verb. We could have used « devoir » (“must”) if it were “have to”. The meanings are very similar.

We could have said “a startup must be convincing” and it would be « une start up doit être convaincante ». 

“convincing”: « convaincant » 

This is an adjective. So the feminine would be « convaincante », and the feminine plural would be « convaincantes ». 

French Grammar point: The gender of adjectives

Remember all adjectives need to have the same gender and number as their corresponding noun. Usually to feminize an adjective you only need to add a final -e. This is only a rule of thumb and there are lots of exceptions.

So for example, « convaincant », singular masculine. The plural masculine would be « convaincants » with an -s. Singular feminine is « convaincante », final -e. Feminine plural is « convaincantes », final -es. 

Here is the full sentence again: French Lesson Logical Connectives

“In order to raise capital, a startup needs to be convincing.”

« Afin de lever du capital, une start-up a besoin d’être convaincante. »

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