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French Lesson Factory Productivity

Check out this French Lesson Factory Productivity in full audiobook glory here. Ths is such a great way to learn, when you comine these free website lessons and hear the pure French pronunciation and breakdowns in teh audio, by Eric. We think youll lvoe it as much as we do!

  1. “the production”: « la production »

Example sentence

“The production is what the factory makes.”

« La production est ce que l’usine fabrique. »


  • “the factory”: « l’usine »

Quick tip French Lesson: « FAIRE » vs « FABRIQUER »

What’s the difference between « FAIRE » and « FABRIQUER »? Well it’s about the same difference that you have in English with “TO DO” and “TO MAKE”.

“TO DO” is more generic. “TO MAKE” is more practical. You’ve got a close equivalent of « FABRIQUER » with “TO FABRICATE”. However, unlike “TO FABRICATE”, « FABRIQUER » never means “TO MAKE UP” or “TO LIE”.

Interesting fact

“TO FABRICATE” or « FABRIQUER » gave “manufacture” in both languages because it comes from the Latin “hand”, 

so “manu-facture”: “you fabricate with your hands”.

French Lesson Factory Production Grammar point: Words ending in “-tion”

You need to have the « -tion » rule in mind.

Very often a “-tion” word in English will give a « -tion » word in French, and they will be very similar. 

That’s because we have shared Latin roots like in “manufacture”, and it’s also because we’ve had mutual influence ever since the Norman Conquest in 1066, e.g. “tuition”, “intuition”, “accumulation”.

[Note: Both the French and English “-tion” nouns come from the fifth verbal form in Latin, called the “supine”, e.g. accumulo, accumulare, accumulavi, accumulatus, accumulatum”].

“intuition” is « l’intuition », same word.

“accumulation” is « l’accumulation », same word.

But beware of some traps like “recognition”. The translation is not « récognition » (this word does not exist).

  • “recognition” is « la reconnaissance ».French Lesson Factory Productivity

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