French Lesson Design Packaging

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Here you can read on how to communicate packaging for a brand.

  1. “the brand”: « la marque »

Example sentence

“The designers create the packaging for the brand.”

« Les designers créent le packaging pour la marque. »

Breakdown French Lesson Design Packaging

  • “a designer”: « un designer »

That’s another example of a borrowed word. This is very frequent in marketing and sales. Be careful, the pronunciation is different: “a designer”: « un designer ». Stress the last syllable in French.

  • “TO CREATE”: « CRÉER »

Let’s conjugate it. « CRÉER », « -ER », first group, simple, regular.

CRÉER – TO CREATE (present)

Je cré-eI create
Tu cré-esYou create
Il/Elle cré-eHe/She creates
Nous cré-onsWe create
Vous cré-ezYou create
Ils/Elles cré-entThey create

Reminder: « il crée » (third person he/she), and « ils créent » (sixth person, they) are pronounced the same but they are spelled differently. 

  • “the packaging”: « le packaging » 

Another example of a borrowed word. 

  • “for the brand”: « pour la marque »

“for” is usually translated as « pour », as the objective/the goal. 

“the brand” is just « la marque ».

When you mention branding as a marketing concept, you can just say « le branding ».

Another example of a borrowed word with a different pronunciation.

Quick tip: Silent letters

A quick note on silent letters, such as in « créent » (sixth person): it’s very important that you keep them silent, but you know exactly how to spell the word. Silent letters are very common in French, in final letters and in diphthongs. A diphthong is one sound that is created by adding several letters together. It exists in English and in French.

For example, a diphthong in English would be “ding dong”: it creates two new sounds. Adding “in” and “on” before the “g” creates two new sounds, “-ing” and “-ong”.

Back to silent letters, there is no golden rule in French to memorize, but there are patterns that you can memorize. 

For example, the sixth person in many conjugated verbs is going to be like that, with silent « -nt » at the end.

For example, in « MARCHER »: “TO WORK”, the third person is « il marche » and the sixth person is « ils 

marchent », with the same pronunciation.

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