French Lesson Common Acronyms.

French Lesson Common Acronyms is Chapter 78 in the Hands Free Business French audiobook HERE and free French lessons on this website

French Lesson Common Acronyms for Business

“e.g.” (“exempli gratia”): “ex.” (« par exemple », as in “for example”)

“ETA”: you can either use « ETA » as “estimated time of arrival” or « HPA », « heure prévue d’arrivée »

“GDP” (Gross Domestic Product): « le PIB » (Produit Intérieur Brute)

“department” can be shortened to “dept.”; « direction » can be shortened to « dir. »

“CC” in an email is the same: « CC »; “carbon copy” is « copie carbone »

“BCC” is « CCI »; so “blind carbon copy” is « copie carbone invisible »

“ASAP” is « ASAP » (“as soon as possible”)

“PP” as in “per procurationem”, if you sign a letter or document on behalf of someone, is « PO » (« Pour Ordre »).

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Another short and sweet free French lesson, but one that we think is very useful. Please check out the much longer version here

There so many french Acronyms that Eric and I think we might do some youtube videos to talk about this aspect of learning Business French. Its really fun to try and thnk of all the things you might need to say in French or English, and then reverse engineering the French or the English for the list.

Please comment and make any suggestions for acronyms that you think might be worth adding the list of Free French Lessons.

One of the most important things for me was to listen to French audiobook lessons when I started learning. I purchased at least ten different French audiobook lessons on Audible and listened to them on repeat, for several months, while I was on the bus or train, or when I was cooking. It was a fun and effective way for me to memorise the basics and to hear the French accent. Please check it out here