French Lesson on Deadlines

CRM in French Customer Relations

Learn Business French quickly – Get the FULL audiobook here or just the e-book here. CRM in French – How to talk about Customer Relations This lesson is a useful one for learning about plurals in French and for discussing CRM systems and customer relations. If however, you are looking for a lessons about how to […]

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French Lesson Sales Product

Learn Business French quickly – Get the FULL audiobook here or just the e-book here. French Lesson Sales Product is in chapter 34 of Hands Free Business French Lessons and is another useful one – we hope you enjoy this. “successful”: « être un succès » Example sentence for French Lesson Sales Product  “Look at the sales figures, what

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French Lesson Mistakes Responsibilities

Learn Business French quickly – Get the FULL audiobook here or just the e-book here. French Lesson Mistakes Responsibilities is chapter 27 of the book Hands Free business French. Expressing responsibilities and mistakes is important here’s how to say a common phrase. “responsible”: « responsable »  Example sentence French Lesson Mistakes Responsibilities “Adults will be responsible for their

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French Lesson on Deadlines

French Lesson on Deadlines

French Lesson on Deadlines is chapter 20 of this Free French Lesson Series – it can be combined with the Hands Free Business french audiobook for even faster learning here Deadlines are important to know and communicating them are too! here you can learn just that. “the closing date”: « la date limite » Example

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French Lesson Project Management

French Lesson Project Management

chapter 17 is about French Lesson Project Management – and here it is! Becuase of this, the best way to enjoy this is to read this lesson and listen to the full audio book here at the same time Follwoing on from the previous lesson, finishing project’s and how to communicate confidently so you can

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French Lessons for Business

French Lesson Factory Productivity

Check out this French Lesson Factory Productivity in full audiobook glory here. Ths is such a great way to learn, when you comine these free website lessons and hear the pure French pronunciation and breakdowns in teh audio, by Eric. We think youll lvoe it as much as we do! “the production”: « la production » Example

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French Lesson The Depot

chapter 15 is French Lesson The Depot – just one of many useful phrases that its worth learning and practicing to improve your Business French. Using work terminology like ‘the depot’ is important know, so here is how to say it. “the depot”: « l’entrepôt » Example sentence “The depot is where final products are stored.” «

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French Lesson Supply Chain

French Lesson Supply Chain

This next French Lesson Supply Chain is a useful one if you want to master learning Business French fast and for free. Make sure you listen along as you read. We hope you enjoy! While I am thinking of it, I must also recommend a brilliant French Chef I know called Gina. She will help

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