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Chapter 41 from the book “Hands Free Business french” is a helpful lesson on Business French Approved Suppliers.

In this lesson we explore how to use the French Verb Demander and the verb Deposer. This is a really useful chapter which pulls together several useful french verbs, and has some ideas about how to use certain words in certain situations. I hope you enjoy this one.

  1. “an application”: « une candidature » 

Example sentence 

“Does this company require suppliers to submit an application? No, they have to respond to a call for bids.”

« Cette entreprise demande-t-elle aux fournisseurs de déposer une candidature ? Non, ils doivent répondre à un appel d’offre. »  



False friend alert! 

“TO DEMAND” is not « DEMANDER ». “TO DEMAND” is « EXIGER ». There is the same difference in intensity between “TO REQUIRE”/“TO DEMAND” as there is between « DEMANDER » and « EXIGER ». « EXIGER » is much stronger.

Now we’ve seen how to make a question by inverting, like in English, the subject and the verb: “does this company require?”

The French also inverts: « cette entreprise demande-t-elle » instead of « elle demande ». Like we’ve seen, this is the formal way of constructing a question. 


You may also say « SOUMETTRE », « soumettre une candidature ». “TO SUBMIT” is also usually « SOUMETTRE » in other contexts. 

  • “a call for bids”: « un appel d’offre » 

This is the same expression. 

“a call”, like a phone call, is « un appel »

 “a bid” is « une offre ». 

  • « RÉPONDRE » can also translate “TO ANSWER”

Quick tip: mustvs to have to

We used “TO HAVE TO” as in “MUST”. There is a slight difference in English. 

“TO HAVE TO” implies an external obligation, e.g. “I have to do my homework”: « je dois faire mes devoirs ».

“MUST” usually implies an internal obligation, e.g. “I must change my diet”: « je dois changer mon régime ».

See how in French, it’s going to be translated as the same word, « DEVOIR », that we’ve seen before. 

Hence “they have to respond” is « ils doivent répondre ».

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Learn Business French quickly – Get the FULL audiobook here or just the e-book here.