Basic Conjugation Commencer French

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Basic Conjugation Commencer: French Lesson Industrial Process is Chapter 21 of the book Hands Free Business French.

“industrial process”: « le processus industriel »

Basic Conjugation of French Verb Commencer with Example Sentence.

“How can we improve our industrial process? Let’s start with an assessment.”

« Comment pouvons-nous améliorer notre processus industriel ? Commençons par un bilan. »


  • “how?”: « comment ? »

That’s very standard. Most of the time, it is going to be translated as « comment ? ».

“CAN” is a modal verb in English. Modal verbs don’t really exist in French. So, it is going to be rendered as « POUVOIR »: “TO BE ABLE TO”.

Let’s conjugate « POUVOIR », third group, the ending is « -OIR ». So, the root is « pouv- », but it’s highly irregular. Let’s conjugate it:

Basic Conjugation of POUVOIR – TO BE ABLE (present)

Je peu-x I am able
Tu peu-x You are able
Il/Elle peu-t He/She is able
Nous pouv-ons We are able
Vous pouv-ez You are able
Ils/Elles peuv-ent They are able
  •  “we can”: « nous pouvons »

In this case, it is a question so it is inverted: “can we?”: « pouvons-nous ? »


First group verb, « AMÉLIORER ».

  • “our…”: « notre… » 

Remember it is a possessive adjective [Note: the audio incorrectly says “pronoun”], so you need to learn them. Let’s do all 6:

POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES (masculine/feminine/plural)

Mon/Ma/Mes My
Ton/Ta/Tes Your
Son/Sa/Ses His/Her
Notre/Notre/Nos Our
Votre/Votre/Vos Your
Leur/Leur Their
  •  “the industrial process”:  « le processus industriel ». 

« industriel » is transparent and easy, it’s the same word. But « processus » is not “process”. 

« process » also exists because, again, business French likes to borrow English words, but the real French word which comes from Latin, is « processus ». You can see the Latin root in the “-us” ending.


First group, let’s conjugate it:

Basic Conjugation COMMENCER – TO START (present)

Je commenc-e I start
Tu commenc-es You start
Il/Elle commenc-e He/She starts
Nous commenç-ons We start
Vous commenc-ez You start
Ils/Elles commenc-ent They start
  • “an assessment”: « un bilan » 

French Grammar point: How to make a question in French Lesson Industrial Process.

How do you turn a statement into a question? 

There are three different types of questions in French.

You can use an inversion like we did:

  • « Comment pouvons-nous ? » 
  • « Es-tu libre vendredi ? »:  “Are you free on Friday?”/ « Es-tu…? »= « Tu es…? »:  “You are…?”= “Are you…?”. Hence « Es-tu libre vendredi ? ».  

This is the polite formal way of asking a question. If you have to write a question, you will use this. 

You may also use the famous « Est-ce que ? »; which literally means “Is it that ?”.

  • « Est-ce que tu es libre vendredi ? »: “Is it that you are free on Friday?” 

This is a standard question.

And the third way to do this is simply to express a statement with the same words and the same order, just changing your intonation at the end, like in English.

« Tu es libre vendredi ? »: “You free on Friday?”     

It is much more common in French. Notice how I raise my voice at the very end. « Tu es libre vendredi ? ». That’s the informal, colloquial, oral way of asking a question around friends and family.

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